Elegant House With 6 White Background Interiors

elegant house with 6 white background interiors

Getting bored with your house's interior view? Well, that means it's time to do a home renovation. To be more flexible to combine with various models of furniture and decorations, you can try to change the interior of your house using a cool white background that can provide a clean and spacious impression indoors.

In this article, I will share an interior idea with a cool white background that you can apply to make the room look more impressive. Let's just read more below!

1. Cool white Background ideas with wood parquet

cool white background ideas with wood parquet

Who said Wood parquet can only be applied as a floor coating? In this cool white background inspiration, you can see a dining room area that looks charming with wall coverings of wooden parquet that is also white. Not only effective to give the impression of clean, wooden parquet on the cool white background of the room is also able to give different expressions because it looks more natural and richer in texture.

2. Cool white Background ideas with exposed bricks

cook white background ideas with exposed bricks

To make the room not impress boring, you can also combine a cool white background that is modular with exposed brick arrangement coated with rough finishing, as in the image. Not only is the pocket friendly because it doesn't require any complicated finishing process, this cool white background idea is also effective to give you a unique texture or as a focal point indoors.

If you have successfully created a cool white background with exposed brick, you can use the floor with wooden motifs to impress your life. Meanwhile, for the furniture options, you can try to use a multi-functional furniture with a slightly contrasting color, for example a long chair black with wood alloy that can be switched as a table display for more space saving.

3. Cool white Background ideas with captivating gradations

cool white background ideas with captivating gradations

This one cool white Background looks very fused with the main furniture, such as sofas, bookshelves, and lampshades that both have a matching color. Thus, in this cool white background room created a captivating gradation that is not impressed monotonous.

Effectively making the impression of the room appear more vivid, you can get creative by placing neutral-colored furniture, such as beige or gray. In addition, you can also use the floor with wood coating ready to make the room impressed warm and luxurious.

4. Industrial Cool white Background ideas

 industrial cool white background ideas

Although not applied to the whole room, but a blend of cool white background with exposed concrete coated with rough finishing on one part of the wall has succeeded in giving a catchy and quirky impression. You can apply this cool white background idea to your living room or bedroom.

Not only that, even you can also add some elements of industrial style, such as exposed iron pipes, iron lampshades, to wooden floors with rough finishing. Thus, the room with a cool, industrial-style white background will look more stylish.

5. Fancy cool white Background ideas

 fancy cool white background ideas

Featuring a luxurious and elegant look, this one cool white background idea combines a number of elements through a blend of creamy, soft-looking floors with wooden roofs. The combination succeeded in giving a warm and natural impression to the room. In addition, the interior with a cool white background also incorporates metallic elements on wall hangings and lampshades so as to give a classic and glamorous feel.

6. Cool white Background ideas with Natural touches

 cool white background ideas with natural touches

This cool white Background with natural nuance is perfect for you who love nature. The natural touch is on the use of furniture with wood materials and various indoor ornamental plants that are hung or placed on the table and drawer.

In addition, you can also put a collection of succulent plants in addition to decorating the interiors with this cool white background. Not only make the room look very aesthetic, the addition of ornamental plants in the room is ready to make your food become more beautiful and fresher.

The interior idea with this cool white background can be applied to the house with a large land or tiny house. Not only is it safe to combine with various interior models, cool white backgrounds are also ready to make your own space impress, bright, and clean. Happy designing your house with a cool white background!

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