10 Creative Low Budget Space

by Linda Hallman

creative space

Every space in the dwelling should not always be separated walls. For a more unified or wider sense, each space can be limited with a partition of space. However, the selection of the space partition will affect the final outcome of the presentation of the existing room. Conversely, with the right partition of space not only be more functional but has added value in visual terms.

No wonder most people are not responsible when designing a space partition by using expensive materials such as glass, iron, or others. You don't need to worry because of the aesthetically pleasing and beautiful space you can also present at a cost that does not drain the bag. With a bit of creativity, here's a wide selection of design screens that you can choose from!

1. Bamboo Space Partition

bamboo space partition

To animate the natural impression, bamboo stems can be an alternative choice as a space material in addition to tree branches. You can arrange bamboo sticks neatly or randomly with different angles and diameters to bring out an assortment of styles and atmosphere of the room.

Combine a partition of this space in an oriental interior-style room for a visually appealing harmony. The natural-style Interior can also be a fitting alternative to provide a partition of space like this.

2. A natural room with a tree trunk

natural room with a trunk

The tree branches that are often considered garbage can be transformed creatively into a compelling partition of space? You can arrange a slim branch meeting on a long plant pot so as to give a more private impression between the spaces. This partition can be placed near the sofa to separate the living room and living room

For a more open-ended impression, you can utilize a larger tree branch and spread it loosely as a partition of the room. A room partition of tree branches like this could be an option for spaces that have a natural style. Give the lights or lighting from the bottom, so that the resulting shadows and light become more dynamic because of the organic formations of the tree branches.

3. Be creative with aqueduct pipe pieces

be creative with aqueduct pipe pieces

A low budget space can also be made by creating a piece of Aqueduct pipe. To partition a meeting, you can use a small diameter Aqueduct pipe. A large diameter Aqueduct pipe can be used to partition a more open space. For example, in the bathroom, especially the minimalist bathroom design.

Combining the various sizes of Aqueduct pipes can also be one way of presenting a modern and dynamic room partition. Not only make the room more aesthetic, the room partition of Aqueduct is also very easy to create and certainly does not require a lot of costs.

4. Combine with the box as a hanging storage in your room

combine with the box as a hanging storage in your room

One of the easy and practical way to provide a simple room partition is to use a wooden box that is arranged into a closet or cabinet. Give color if the wood texture that has the box felt less compatible with the interior of the room. However, if you have a natural interior, letting a wooden box with its original texture will greatly help reinforce the natural impression of the room.

Not only become a partition of space, this wooden box can be a closet or a multi-functional cabinet rack. From bookshelves, hanging shelves, to display shelves where you can put various displays and photos of memories with your family.

5. Partition the space while gardening

partition the space while gardening

Giving a hanging plant or a vertical garden can not only bring a fresh atmosphere to the room, but it can also be an interesting piece of space. Use pipes or mines to hold the plant's long pot. For a more private space, you can use the vines so the leaves can be a more closed space.

6. Recycled Wood Panels

recycled wood panels

A low-cost piece of space can also be made from a panel of unused wooden boards. Arrange the panels in zigzag by connecting them using hinges. Once the wooden board panels can stand upright, this wooden plank panel can now be utilized as a partition of space.

Give the hooks so you can display wall hangings or your family photos on the partition space of the wooden plank panels so that your space is much more interesting.

7. Flexible Decorative Curtains

flexible decorative curtains

A simple way to separate the function space is to make use of the curtain and curtains as a partition of space. Combine colors and layers or layering curtains, ranging from curtain colors, transparent curtains, to patterned curtains in order to provide a space that still looks fancy while not draining a lot of costs. The room looks like this also makes the room look spacious.

8. Minimalist Iron Frame

minimalist iron frame

High-level creativity can turn useless items into more useful items. Like a window frame that has been unused and transformed into a partition of this space. The space of this used window frame gives the impression of staying open but still limits the function of each room.

You can also leave the original color and texture of the window frame to give a rustic impression. However, if the rustic feel is not very suitable with the interior of the room, do not hesitate to paint the room's partition with a color that suits your style.

9. Frame photos with a myriad of tenant memory

frame photos with a myriad of tenant memory

Instead of just meeting the walls, take advantage of your photos with the family to become a creative space by incorporating your photo frames with iron or wood frame. Not only to be a partition of interesting space, the presence of collage frames of these photographs will certainly make the space inside the house impressed homier.

You can also give the rotary hinge so that the frame of the photo can be rotated as directed. Print also photos in similar colors like black and white or Sepia. That way, a partition of space will look more artistic and aesthetically pleasing.

10. Japanese Wooden Eco-friendly

japanese wooden eco friendly

Sometimes it is not necessary to use a lot of expensive and complicated materials to make a good partition of space and interesting. Such as by utilizing simple wooden planks and making them a frame that is used as a space.

Although it has a more open impression and a line of space, it can be an option for spaces that are still in your own public area. Give a little decoration to the wood frame like a small plant vase so that the partition of space looks more vivid.

That's a variety of design options for a creative space that won't cost you super. Surely even with affordable cost, good arrangement can still give aesthetic value even also a luxurious impression on your customers. Have you found which design option is the most fitting space for your partner?

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