17 Creative Tips To Set Up Workspace At Home

by Linda Hallman

17 creative tips to set up workspace at home

Do you know if it turns out that the layout of the desk could affect our working spirit and productivity? Arranging a work desk with random and messy can make the spirit of work decreases. As a result, you too are lazy and performance decreases. Of course you do not want it to happen right? Well, to be more passionate and comfortable when working at home, you need to arrange a table well. Want to know how? Yuk, listened to.

1. Reset Table Position

reset table position

The first important thing to do is to pay attention to the table layout. According to Feng Shui Science, it is related to the direction of positive energy flow that will then circulate around the work table. The position of the working desk that backs the window and the front facing wall can block the flow of energy, inhibiting the coming of ideas and inspiration. Ideally, position the work desk toward the light coming or facing directly into the aperture. The table position should also allow its users to look in all directions.

2. Pinpoint the workspace properly

pinpoint the workspace properly

The choice of workspace should be tailored to your home activity. For example, those of you who often receive guests should have a workspace that is not too far away from the living room. While those who prefer to spend time in the bedroom can prepare a workspace in the bedroom. This simple way will support your productivity because work activity won't be interrupted as long as you're at home.

3. Occupy the room with natural lighting

occupy the room with natural lighting

We recommend that your workspace also get adequate natural light. So you can work comfortably without having to turn on the lights in the morning until evening. The workspace placed near the window will also make you excited because you can relax for a moment in between jobs while looking at the outside of the home.

4. Create workspaces with custom partitions

create workspaces with custom partitions

A workspace that is too open can often interfere with the concentration of your work. However, you can get around this by creating a custom partition. Workspaces with glass partitions, wood, or other materials will feel comfortable and quieter. Family members as well as guests will have a feeling to disturb you during your activities in the workspace as the room becomes an important part of your privacy.

5. Rely on minimalist-style design

rely on minimalist style design

The minimalist design of the workspace is best applied to the private occupancy. Especially if your home interior concept is minimalist and the capacity is not too big. Minimalist concept makes you don't have to prepare a big budget to create a certain style of design. The touch of plain colors and furniture that has a simple impression is more than enough to make a minimalist design of the workspace at home.

6. Choosing the right Workspace Furniture

choosing the right workspace furniture

Not all office furniture definitely fits placed at home. Therefore, you should carefully choose furniture for your workspace. Ideally, furniture for your workspace at home should be small in size and the design is not excessive. So that the placement of the furniture does not make the house interior impressed narrower. Make sure that your mobility space and other family members remain freely undisturbed by your workspace.

7. Setting up storage cabinets as needed

setting up storage cabinets as needed

Don't forget your workspace should also have storage cabinets so you can organize your documents and other items practically. The use of storage cabinets will also secure your valuable documents so that they are not easily affected. Prepare one storage cabinet whose capacity suits your needs. Then place the closet in the right position for easy access while you are at work.

8. Store all your work equipment neatly

store all your work equipment neatly

Work tools, documents, and other important objects should be neatly stored in the workspace. Therefore, you must also set up a container box or other container to store the items. So that your important items are not easily dirty or lost because they are put in vain. Strive to keep your workspace neat and supportive of your work.

9. Give a touch of Personal decoration

give a touch of personal decoration

The in-house workspace should also be equipped with a touch of personalized decor that you love. The personal touch will improve your working spirit. Feel free to add photo frames, mini-sized indoor plants, display action figures, or other favorite objects. Thus, the atmosphere of your workspace will not impress monotonous.

10. Always keep the table tidy

always keep the table tidy

Although it looks simple, but this way it desperately needs your commitment. Make sure all documents, notes and stationery have their own place. The messy work desk will make you lazy to work and banish positive energy to get into the work area. Dispose or recycle expired documents or no longer used. The condition of a clean and tidy work desk can improve the mood so that created a more conducive workspace.

11. Decorate with favorite items

decorate with favorite items

The presence of personalized goods, such as favorite characters or loved one's photo frames can add positive energy at the desk. These items also give motivation and can be a spirit plant when you feel SFOR or tired with work. If your job demands you to continue creating new ideas, try placing books related to the field of work on the table as a source of inspiration.

12. Add Plants

add plants

A study proved that the existence of ornamental plants at the desk is able to increase the productivity of working person up to 15%. Naturally, ornamental plants do improve the quality of air around the working table and can directly provide a refreshing and relaxing effect on the brain. It will also make it easier for you to concentrate and focus more on working.

13. Equip with Sticky Notes

equip with sticky notes

To simplify your work, don't forget to add sticky notes to the work desk. This item will be helpful in reminding you of the important things you have to do. Although Sticky notes can add trash, but if you are accustomed to move them every day, then your table will look more colorful and the job list will be more organized.

14. Place the Trash

place the trash

To make the desk always comfortable to use, keep the work desk of unused items, such as food waste or paper. Well for that, your work desk needs a trash can. Don't need to be big, just provide the mini trash and place it in the corner of the table. Every day after finishing work, dispose of the garbage that is still on the table to the trash. Guaranteed, you will also be more comfortable and passionate to work the next day.

15. Choose a harmonious favorite color

choose a harmonious favorite color

According to Feng Shui Science, the choice of color in the home interior will greatly determine the rhythm of life. Therefore, harmonious color combination should also be applied to the working table to bring about dynamic positive energy flow.

Some of the colors you can apply are blue, green, or earth colors. Also bring balance to the desk through the application of wood elements among the combination of colors. To avoid stress and anxiety, you should avoid using bright colors like red or yellow.

16. Place gadgets in the right place

place gadgets in the right place

Putting gadgets in the right place will be very influential at your convenience and performance. Typically, your attention and focus will be removed due to the mobile phone. By placing them specifically, you will avoid playing gadgets while still working.

17. Use Organizer

use organizer

The working desk must be filled with various items of your needs. To make it look beautiful and organized, try using a custom organizer or container to save it. So even if you have a lot of files or stationery on your desk, your work desk still looks neat.

Later, you can also take the time to redecorate your workspace. The comfortable work space at home will support your productivity without disrupting the overall functioning of the home interior.

Easy to arrange a work desk that can make you comfortable and passionate in working? Follow the tips!

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