2020 Modern Curtains In Tropical Season

by Linda Hallman

2020 modern curtains in tropical season

Want to change the atmosphere of the room in your home to fresher? One element of decoration in the dwelling that can change the atmosphere of the room instantaneously is the curtain or room curtains. There are some trends for curtain models that you can make reference in this year 2020.

Curtains that cover the window or door of the house can give a big change to the overall interior. You only have to replace the old curtains with new materials and models to make the home look beautiful. However, many people feel bored with old models and want to try something new. Let's not get confused anymore, you'll have a peek at any reference and model of the room curtain that is trending in the year 2020.

1. Minimalist White Curtains

minimalist white curtains

White minimalist curtains are always suitable to be applied to any home design. Not only to beautify the room, curtains with minimalist style can also reduce the cost. In addition, white minimalist curtains can also provide an elegant atmosphere in the house room. Curtains with a minimalist style like this would be more suitable when applied to a house that is not directly facing the direction of the sun.

In addition to white, you can also choose other soft colors such as gray, beige, or neutral colors. The bright color will make the space feel more airy and the light can still enter the room sketchy.

2. Drapery Curtain Portière

drapery curtain portière

One of the types of blinds that become a trend in the world of interior today is curtain portière. The word portière is actually taken from the French language which is a hanging curtain placed on the door to give the impression of luxurious and elegant in the room. A pleated accent usually found on the top of the curtain gives the royal and luxurious impression.

In addition to being used as a door decoration, this curtain can also be used as a space separator for those of you who do not want to use a permanent partition. Choose soft colors like beige, dusty blue, or light yellow to keep it up to date and exaggerated.

3. Geometric Motif Curtains

geometric motif curtains

Many people nowadays are very fond of modern geometric motifs. Geometric motifs are also applied to various elements of the house, from floor to wall, to accessories such as curtains. Geometric motifs with bright base colors will give the room a luxurious minimalist impression. Geometric decoration is an ornamental variety that uses various elements of the line. This minimalist curtain is suitable to be applied in a room with a simple interior because its geometric motif will give a slight impression on the room.

4. Curtain Line Motif

curtain line motif

This motif can arguably be a timeless motif because it can always be used at any time in various styles of room design. Curtains with stripes motifs will not only make the house look elegant, but also look fresh and modern. You can also choose from minimalist motif curtains with different color combinations. This Motif will make the look of the room more interesting and far from monotonous impression. For narrow spaces, we recommend using a vertical line motif to provide a wider and wider space illusion.

5. Monochrome Black Curtains

monochrome black curtains

Usually, many people are avoiding the color of black curtains because of the dark look. In fact, this black curtain will appear very beautiful if it is mounted on a house that lifts the blend of monochrome color in its interior. Black color is also very suitable to be applied in various styles of rooms Lho, including industrial, modern, minimalist, and so on.

Black curtains with no motive will make the room feel spacious and also give a modern impression on the house. In addition, black curtains can also accentuate the interior of the room and give an elegant impression.

6. Curtain Model Vithrase

curtain model vithrase

Want to save energy and not overuse extra lighting? Although it is used in closed circumstances, sunlight can stay in the optimal fit into the room with a model curtain vithrase. It is commonly used as a curtain base, but you can also use it without any coating to give your home a more modern look.

To choose a model that fits the style of your home and personality, you can try following the trends and models that are being hit in the year 2020. You are free to create and customize curtains with furniture and also atmosphere that want to be built in the room.

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