6 Inspiration To Apply Monochrome Colors In Classic Shades

by Linda Hallman

6 inspiration to apply monochrome colors in classic shades

Monochrome colors are often associated with black, white, and gray colors. In fact, monochrome can also be associated with other colors, you know! The monochromatic term itself means gradation of tone from one color, such as a blend of dark blue with light blue, or dark red with pink.

Monochrome color can be applied to many things, including the interior of the room. Now, applying monochrome color to the interior of this room can create a classic nuance. What kind of curious? Let's just have a peek at seven monochrome color applications in the room interiors of us!

1. Monochrome black color on the living room

black monochrome color on the living room

Black monochrome colors are usually identical to modern minimalist home interiors. However, black monochrome colors can also look classic with proper application, as in the inspiration above.

To apply it, leave the wall white so that the room looks more airy. After that, use a white display shelf with a black background. This will create an illusion of the eye as if the exposure is drifting.

Don't forget to also apply black monochrome color to the couch with leather coatings for a classic impression, yes! Meanwhile, you can also add a shade of gray that is similar to the black monochrome for the sofa pillow case and the seat in the corner of the room.

2. Monochrome Beige (a soft classic feel)

monochrome beige

Want to get a classic feel suitable for all kinds of interiors? Just apply a beige monochrome color to the furniture and home decor elements, such as curtains, built-in cabinets, chandeliers, and desks.

An additional dark brown on the display of the jug and the edge of the table make this beige monochrome color interior more perfect. Meanwhile, for large functional furniture, such as mattresses and sofas using white ivory color that is still a derived color of the youngest beige.

3. Monochrome Blue looks classy

blue monochrome looks classy

The blue monochrome in this room doesn't have such a noticeable derivative distinction. Therefore, you need a little touch of white as a light.

Not only does it look more classy, the room interior of the blue monochrome color is also able to create a soft and calm impression. Don't forget to maximize the lighting so that this blue monochrome room feels more comfortable, yes!

4. Cheerful Classics with yellow monochrome

classic yellow monochrome but cheerful

Not many people think that yellow monochrome can also look classic, you know! Well, so that the yellow monochrome color does not appear tacky, you can apply it to the decoration element and choose a pastel yellow color, such as the curtains, carpets, and pillows.

If you want more aesthetic, try stacking a magazine or novel on a bookshelf that has a yellow monochrome cover. The derived color suitable for the yellow monochrome interior is orange and beige.

5. A soft red monochrome color

monochrome red but soft

Usually, the red color will make the interior look slightly tacky if not properly applied. However, for you lovers of red color, don't worry because you can apply a red monochrome color with a soft result, like the inspiration above.

The walls in this monochrome interior use pastel shades of red, while the closet section uses a slightly older red color. Meanwhile, the sofa uses a red-brown color and a compact maroon red chair. Both are coated with velvet material so the room looks classic.

6. Monochrome Violet for classic and elegant interiors

monochrome violet for classic and elegant interiors

In the first, purple color is identical to the elegant style. If you want to apply it to the interior of the room, you can use the purple monochrome concept, like the image above. The walls of the room use a pastel purple with a youthful tone. Thus, the room looks spacious and not dark.

Meanwhile, the furniture uses a dark purple sofa that combines with tiny purple pillows that are slightly younger. In addition to the accent on this purple monochrome interior, give a touch of gold to the effective furniture frame can make the room seem more luxurious. For the decoration, choose a classic floral model that is also purple.

That is 6 monochrome color applications in the interior of the room, both for large houses and tiny houses. Would you like to have a monochrome color? Congratulations on designing, yes!

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