6 Smart Machine Maid Housework

by Linda Hallman

6 smart machine maid housework

Electronic tools have been created to make life more practical, especially household electronic tools that make the home clean-up faster and energy-efficient. Most electronic tools are equipped with a timer so that it can be left to relax or do other things.

Not only that, even today some electronic tools are also connected to the smart-phone application so that it can be set remotely. Well, for those of you who may be too busy so that it is always a moment when taking care of household chores, Kania recommends using various electronic tools to help you. Then, what are the household electronic devices? Let's go for a peek below!

1. Vacuum Cleaner, the vacuum cleaners and dirt

vacuum cleaner

Cleaning dust and dirt on the floor using a broom is very time consuming and energy. Not to mention if there is a wind blowing, the dust will be again scattered and you have to blow it back. Not only that, the corner of the room is also very difficult to reach so clean it using a sweep less maximum.

Well, but you don't need to worry because there is an electronic appliance vacuum cleaner or commonly known as vacuum cleaners. To use the electric appliance, you just have to steer the small cheek to the floor and the corner of the dusty room. Let this electronic appliance suck all the dust and dirt thoroughly. Uniquely, this household electronic appliance is also very effective to suck dust on carpets, sofas, and mattresses.

2. Eat healthy fried and practical use water Fryer

water fryer

Fried foods are always avoided by many people because the oil used can increase cholesterol. However, now you can still enjoy the fried food because there is water fryer, an electronic device specially designed to fry food without oil.

The oil substitute here is steam hot. In addition to being healthier, the use of electronic tools is also practical. Just put the food that will be fried, then close the tools. After that, set the timer and press the button to fry. With this electronic tool, you don't have to heat up the oil and so can save money.

3. Ironing suit faster with steam iron

steam iron

As the name suggests, an electronic tool that serves to flex these garments relies on the heat of the moisture. Unlike the ordinary irons, this steam iron electronic device works faster to soften the shabby clothes.

The use of electronic devices is also quite unique, where you have to hang clothes that will be ironed first. Afterwards, the pipes that emit moisture are directed to the surface of the garment. By using this electronic tool, you can save energy because it does not need to be pressed while it is moved like a regular iron.

4. Rice Cooker to enjoy warm rice

rice cooker

Forget the old way of rice that takes time and energy. Instead, just use this practical rice cooker electronic tool. The thing you need to do to use this electronic appliance is to wash the rice, add water, and set the rice cooker button to the cooking mode.

Without the need to be stirring and transferred again to a boiler or a large pot to steam the rice, let the rice cooker alone work by itself. This kitchen electronic appliance will stop cooking and switch to warm-up mode by itself when the rice is ripe. As such, you also don't have to fear the rice will become a burnt.

5. Clothes clean with washing machine

washing machine

This one electronic tool seems to be a must have in urban communities. Because, washing clothes manually is very draining and time. The Model of the laundry washing machine currently has only one tube, but can be used to soak, wash, and dry in a single way.

To use this electronic appliance, please put a shirt and add soap or detergent. After that, select the washing mode and press the Start button. When the washing machine sounds, it means that the shirt is clean and squeezed. As such, the clothes are ready to be dried until completely dry.

6. Electronic Appliance Bathroom water heater

water heater

If you are sick or going home late, you should use warm water for bathing. No need to bother to cook water because there is now a water heater electronic appliance. Usually, this electronic appliance is placed inside the bathroom and is directly connected to the shower. In addition to saving gas, you can also get hot water in a short time.

The use of electronic tools does require electricity, but you don't have to worry about spending will swell. Because, the latest electronic appliance has been made electricity saving.

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