8 Ideas Bathroom Shelves Anti Mess

by Linda Hallman

bathroom shelves anti-mess

The irregular-kept toiletries will only make a mess. Let's apply this bathroom shelf idea at home!

towel bath

The bathroom is not in the closet, shower, and sink. Don't forget other important elements inside, the bathroom shelf.

Usually inside the bathroom, there are areas for storing toiletries, towels, and body treatments. Not infrequently the items are kept recklessly, making the bathroom look messy.

If the bathroom in your house including that like this, we recommend an immediate peek of the bathroom shelf inspiration in this article.

Guaranteed, you'll hurry to shop for new shelves and tidy up your sweet room!

The idea of bathroom shelves that make bathing equipment become more neat

1. Bathroom Rack over door

bathroom rack over door

The upper door area is usually deliberately vacated considering that the area is quite high and hard to reach everyone. But, here comes the chair has a function!

You can take advantage of these areas, and you don't have to worry about taking things there. Just use a massage chair and all the problems can be solved!

2. Shelves under the sink

shelves under the sink

Application of the sink does not reduce the empty room that can be used as a storage room for toiletries. But with this kind of concept, you can get both at once.

Make an empty area at the bottom of the sink as the storage of products supporting the bathing activity. Use a shelf that is still a concept with the overall bathroom design to keep the final look comfortable to look at.

3. Multipurpose Trolley Rack

multipurpose trolley rack

Don't want to bother installing extra furniture in the bathroom? Versatile trolley can be the answer.

Just buy this trolley at the furniture shop, you can put it in the bathroom when needed, and move it if the items in the bathroom are getting too much.

Because, this one shelf can be moved anytime and anywhere.

In fact, you can also change the function as a place to store items in the room or kitchen.

4. Floating Acrylic Shelves

floating acrylic shelves

Floating shelves are always a great choice for organizing items in small rooms, no exception to small bathrooms.

To make it look more beautiful, use a shelf made of acrylic with transparent colors. This type of shelf is very suitable to put body care products.

5. Shelves above the toilet

shelves above the toilet

An empty Area above the toilet can also be utilized to put towels, body care products, even smart-phones. Make a shelf on it, but make sure the shelf is positioned over your head.

Of course you don't want to be able to bump the shelves when you're wasting water?

6. DIY shelves using used ladders

using used ladders

Still utilizing the toilet area, you can also make a shelf on it using a wooden staircase.

Hanging a wire basket in each section of stairs to store toilet paper, towels, toiletries, even ornamental plants to be a decoration element.

7. Bathroom shelves built in

bathroom shelves built in

When the goods in the bathroom are certainly so on many, then it is worth considering the built-in shelves.

Leave space to create shelves that are useful for your belongings neatly arranged.

8. Bathroom shelf back door

bathroom shelf back door

Don't have enough space to put a shelf? Take advantage of the rear doors to hang the shelf of the toiletries.

Choose a multi-functional shelf like the image above so you can also hang the towel.

That's 8 bathroom ideas at home. Roughly, which one would you apply?

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