my bioLinda Hallman. My first interest is photography, cooking, sports, and the travel and lifestyle elements of those endeavors followed in suit. I am fascinated with capturing subtle moments within broader experiences. I think that there is a simple magic in portraying the current emotions of subject or encompassing the sheer magnitude of a landscape within a single frame.

We are emotional creatures, and are most attracted to content that provides us with an experience beyond simply visual stimulation. That is what I set out continuously to trigger with my work. This desire culminated in the launching of my own studio and creative house, where we work with brands to develop promotional still and motion advertising content as well as provide creative consulting. It is been a ride.

To me, traveling is an integral part of the human experience. I have often found myself restless staying in one place for an extended period of time. The past year I have spent days in various places from up and down the east coast to the western mountains and pacific. My work has brought me in contact with some great brands, and I am continuing to develop relationships within the industry. It only gets more exciting from this point forwards.

I am currently residing in Washington DC, exploring all that this great city has to offer. As for the future, NYC has always held a special place in my heart. And there is something that tells me it will be an integral part of my next great adventure.take a picture in the sky


    I also love gardening, this is my lovely garden.

    my fav gardenmy fav gardenmy fav garden