Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Saddle

by Linda Hallman

advantages and disadvantages of the saddle

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the saddle

In addition to the spandex and brick roofs, the saddle roof is included one of the most popular roofing models in the tropical season country. Having a simple style, the saddle has a very recognizable model, consisting of two angled edges that are usually supported by a triangular wall.

Utilizing wood or iron material as a support structure, the use of roofing saddle has the advantages and disadvantages that you should take notice before using. Well, here's the following i will share information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of using a saddle at home so you don't choose the wrong. Let's see the explanation below!

= > Excess roof Saddle

Every thing must have its advantages, as well as the use of a saddle at home. There are several things that are the advantages of the saddle, namely:

1. Easy to install saddle roof

easy to install saddle roof

With its very simple model, the installation process of the saddle is quite easy and fast. In fact, you can adjust the slope level on the roof of the saddle according to the model of the House that you want to create, whether it is ramps or towering.

2. Cost of installation of saddler cheaper

cost of installation of saddler cheaper

The process of mounting the saddle that tends to be easier and faster, of course, allows you to save expenses to pay for the service of the builders. Not only that, the simple construction of the saddle also requires material that tends to be less than the other roof construction so that it will save the needed expenditure.

3. The roof of the saddle makes the house cooler

the roof of the saddle makes the house cooler

Having a skewed shape, the saddle is also able to absorb the heat to the fullest so that the inside of your house will feel more cool. Moreover, if you attach the home ceiling at the bottom of the roof, where the lower room will be cooler as the heat that enters from the outside will be locked in the ceiling area.

4. Skimpy saddle roof leak

skimpy saddle roof leak

Instead of other types of roof construction, the saddle model has a smaller risk of leakage. This is due to the absence of a different water direction meeting so that rainwater can slide freely down without barriers and minimize the presence of water puddle that is causing leakage.

5. Use of empty space at the ceiling

use of empty space at the ceiling

Not only that, the structure of the saddle that makes up the empty space at the bottom of the roof can be used for various purposes. You can change the area as a loft, a lounge, an extra bedroom, until it is functioning as a warehouse.

= > Shortage of Roof saddle

There are advantages, there are also shortcomings. Here is a deficiency of the use of the saddle at home that could be a consideration before you use it:

1. Vulnerable saddle roofs collapsed

vulnerable saddle roofs collapsed

The roof of the saddle should not be used by homes that are often swept by strong winds. If the roof construction of the saddle is not installed properly and balanced, the presence of strong winds can blow the saddle so potentially detached and cause collapse.

2. Easy Crack Saddle Roof

easy crack saddle roof

Due to exposure to hot sunlight and rainwater, the surface of the triangle on the saddle roof is also more prone to fractures. To minimize this, make sure you use a special home exterior paint so that it can reduce water or excess sunlight.

3. The burden of rainwater on the saddle

the burden of rainwater on the saddle

Given that the saddle roof consisted of only two sides, then the water flow when the rain was going to become more rapid. As a result, the manufacture of saddler with too sloping angles can increase the burden on the structure so that the potential of the collapse becomes larger.

4. Install the saddle carefully

install the saddle carefully

In building the saddle roof, you should also do the calculations carefully. Ideally, the tilt of the saddle is made between 30 to 40 degrees because if it is too ramps can increase the load due to water and make water difficult to flow, while if too steep it can cause the precarious of the house more easily detached.

Thank you for listening, hopefully inspire you.

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