Beautiful Special Room With 9 Beautiful Tiles Combination

by Linda Hallman

One of the quality ways to decorate the room is to apply tiles. Certainly, through the selection of color combinations and motifs that are able to bring out its own nuance, according to the wishes of the house.

You can apply it in any room. No exception bedrooms, the most intimate location as well as a place where your days end and start. Perhaps as long as these tiles are only identical to ' wet ' rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens. While the bedroom only gets the floor mounting from the wood panels are warm.

But what if your dwelling is in a relatively hot tropical area? For that reason, we recommend the alternative installation of ceramic tiles on your special room floor. And of course, you don’t choose a variety of tile materials, including material, size, and appearance, depending on the atmosphere you want to be created. Make sure to really meet your tastes and personality. As an overview, you can take a look at the 9 examples of these gorgeous tile combinations.

1. The grandeur of the main room

The grandeur of the main room

The main room is true to the wider dimension than other special rooms in the house. To give a more expansive impression, you can make use of a playground such as lighting and interior colors.

If it feels monotonous, give it a few different touches. One of them by choosing a tile color is slightly different from the overall color of the room. If you don't want to be too radical, adjust the color of the tiles, but make sure the surface has motifs, even though the colors aren’t too striking. With so the view inside the main room won’t break and maintained its splendor.

2. Radical Splendor

radical splendor

But conversely, if you insist on wanting to do something more progressive. This way you can apply, that is, choose patterned tiles that still have matching colors with the walls.

You might want to show special themes for your private room, for example classic Mediterranean, and in this picture. The floor and walls are quite contrasting, but still in a fairly uniform Tone. Some spots in the room also use matching motifs with the floor. So, it still brings up the tranquility, it's just that a different touch.

3. Past nuances

past nuances

If you fall in love with the wood elements, there is an alternative besides placing it as the ground floor of the room. You can choose the furniture and decorations of the wood in the special room, as in bed and supplying other complementary.

While for a different touch, you can drop a selection on the ancient style tile motif. With cream colors are faded and erratic. In the size of the tile panels aren’t necessarily symmetrical with each other. The bedroom furniture will appear more prominent, so the main area limitation can be clearly defined.

4. Alternative Wood Substitutes

alternative wood substitutes

Quiet. There are many alternatives for your fans of wood elements. In addition to the above mentioned, you can also make an easy decision by specifying the right tile instead of the wooden panel.

Take a moment to explore the building material outlets. Pause in the Flooring section, then find ceramic tiles with wood patterned surfaces. There is a right and price. The best-quality tiles have a longer period of time, and can display the wood shades you want for longer.

5. Mosaics Combination

mosaics combination

Then how combine? The question is answered instantly as you Maury this room. Remove the presented element in it. Stone, metal, wood, cloth, paper, until mineral, displayed clearly.

Wooden patterned tiles warmed this room. The walls also use a layer of tiles that are rarely applied as an interior, which is a mosaic motif. Usually mosaic interiors are only found in Renaissance-style interiors. But this time, creativity becomes your main game to be able to apply it to the modern special rooms.

6. Antique Bohemian Style

antique bohemian style

Checkmates! Prepare your pawns. The black-and-white printed square block pattern is one that is suitable for fans of antique accents. Especially if Lot inches from your special room is deliberately made old fashioned. Combining a variety of old furniture from various design themes.

The most classic white liquid black tiles for dyeing floors. This will also be the best alternative, if the room is not just where to rest, but rather the location to seek creative inspiration.

7. Intense rock Elements

intense rock elements

The dense elements of rocks can make your personal room feel cooler. But the combination of tiles and walls are varied as in this one bedroom, the nuance created more specific.

Looks like a rustic look at home country-house or residential in the countryside. Dark and dense ceramic tiles, chime by walls with unfinished finishing and blue paint, provide a unique atmosphere. This application is suitable to be applied to the private room of the fruit, because it displays attractive and artistic impression.

8. Contemporary modern touches

contemporary modern touches

Classical times were over. Now it's time to talk about the latest and most actual things. If you want to design a modern contemporary bedroom, of course there is a selection of tiles that can be used. In this case, the game motif and tile color can also be categorized as an ancient method.

While there is a large selection of non-conservative tile shapes that you can use in the bedroom. One of them is as in this picture, where the homeowner maximizes all the elements of the tile. Ranging from colors, motifs, to the shape of the geometry. The hexagons tiles are grayed out. It consists of various different motifs arranged artistically. Managed to make this room look unique and beautiful. If you want it, make sure your professional choice is really the best figure.

9. Dark shades in the room

dark shades in the room

If the bedroom is the last contest of your days, why not make it soothing? If during this time the white color is considered soothing, you can try new things by applying different patterns on the floor and walls of the room.

Dark shades on the floor adapted to the display of cots and a wooden room table. I.e. choosing brown tile panels, in line with the generally dark mahogany finishing. While on the wall, you can utilize the darker panel tiles again, dark-Grey for example. For a soothing feel, make sure the wall panel appears with a Doff surface.

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