Hidden Luxurious Black Marble For Your Kitchen

by Linda Hallman

hidden luxurious black marble for your kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of a house, and one of the most frequently used rooms. Therefore, the design of the kitchen should be made as good as possible as well as using a strong material. Well, to make it happen, black marble could be the right choice.

Black marble Material can be used as kitchen island and back-splash in kitchen. Not only strong, cooking activities so feel more elegant with black marble. So, what is the black marble application in the kitchen? Let's just have a peek at the inspiring kitchen model that uses the black marble from us below!

1. Black marble in-white concept kitchen application

black marble in white concept

Kitchens with black and white concept are always popular all the time. In the following application, black marble is used for the compact kitchen island. The shape of the rectangle and its entire surface are coated with black marble. The position of Kitchen island with black marble is in the middle of the white room so it makes the center of attention. This elegant and bright look makes the kitchen feel cleaner and more spacious. Thus, cooking is also more comfortable.

2. Black marble for all-black kitchen

black marble for all black kitchen

If you want to look elegant with a little mysterious touch, try to apply black marble on the design of a black kitchen. Functional furniture on the kitchen model is dominated by black color with a slight accent gold and brown color. The kitchen table surface is made glossy so it is effective to reflect the color of gold and create a very luxurious impression. The bar chair on the kitchen model with black marble is golden brown to fit the overall kitchen look.

3. The Back-splash Area of the black marble pieces

the back-splash area of the black marble pieces

Usually people use black marble to design back-splash kitchens in large chunks. However, this one black marble application is quite unique because the black marble is cut in small rectangular size and neatly arranged. The natural Motif on black marble is also abstract and looks more cool and elegant. Dare to try this black marble model?

4. Kitchen Island and Black marble Back-splash

kitchen island and black marble back-splash

Furthermore, there is black marble applied to the kitchen island and Back-splash kitchen. Kitchen Island uses a large marble cut so you can enjoy an elegant motif. Meanwhile, her back-splash part uses black marble in small chunks that are arranged into a chevron pattern. The cool, counter top part of this kitchen model uses glossy materials to reflect black marble shadows on the back-splash.

5. Black Marble for kitchen flooring

black marble for kitchen flooring

Don't like using black marble for a table or back-splash? don't forget that black marble can also be applied on the floor surface. To apply black marble on the floor, choose a modular motive or not too crowded so that your eyes are more comfortable when viewing. Avoid the use of sharp footwear, such as heels. In addition, avoid also dragging furniture in vain so that the black marble floor is more durable and long-lived.

6. Black marble in elegant minimalist kitchen Model

black marble in minimalist kitchen

The concept of minimalist housing is identical with the use of adequate furniture. Although it is economical, it doesn't mean that minimalist concept should not look elegant, right? You can still combine the minimalist concept with black marble on the kitchen model.

On the kitchen design of this one, black marble is applied on the side of the kitchen island and the built-in closet door. You can combine it with gold and green crop accents for an even more dazzling look.

7. Black marble table for classic Kitchens

black marble table for classic kitchen

If the classic kitchen design is generally warm in style, this one has an elegant look. His table used black marble with a white tint. The furniture around it is given a dark gray color that looks very harmonious. The table with black marble material doesn't need any more decorations because it has looked lively and captivating. With its elegant look, you can also make this black marble table as a photo area of your cooking. Very versatile, yes!

8. Streamlined kitchen design with elegant black marble display

streamlined kitchen design

As a person who is a hobby of cooking, surely you have a variety of cooking utensils and want a kitchen still looks elegant, ' right? If so, this one kitchen model can be inspiring for you. It looks very elegant thanks to the kitchen island that uses black marble material.

The size is also large enough that it allows you to create shelves in the bottom. Still not enough? Relax, there is a long wall shelf on the kitchen wall section and additional hanging area over the kitchen island.

After seeing eight inspiring kitchen models with black marble on top, which one is your favorite? Happy designing!

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