House Design Interior Trend 2020

by Linda Hallman

house design interior trend 2020

It has been almost half a year after the time, want to base the house feel impossible let alone in the middle of this corona pandemic virus. The beginning of a very bad year. This plague spreads very quickly. So to buy the staple even redecorating the house is very need proper thinking. Nevertheless the reality of every turn of the year must always appear a new design including interior design. Many people who are experts in their field talk about this design trend, some are really new emerging and some of the designs that have been trending in the past few years came back

Here are some interior designs that trend in 2020 this year, let's see some of the designs that appear towards this comfortable and warm ambience's. don't forget, that after reading this article you are not asked to change the home decoration entirely to keep up to date you can update some of the things you like.

1. Tropical Vibes

tropical vibes

This style is dominated by natural elements such as foliage and stem. Both original plants and imitation plants and only patterns of natural elements. If you choose the design of this type, you can make you can making furniture made from plant fibers such as rattan, water hyacinth or bamboo.

In 2019 small crops such as cacti are trending and draw a great-sized crop that will be a trend in the year 2020 and decorations with these large ornamental plants master the indoor trend. It will bring the nuance in the park. If you don't want to bother to take care of living plants it's good to choose the imitation plant alone although actually have a genuine tongue-in-law will appear more beautiful.

2. Geometric Motifs and accessories

geometric motifs and accessories

Geometric motifs located in the design of furniture, walls, and floors will be more trendy in the year 2020. The geometric-patterned walls are perfect to apply in the room with a kitchen and a bathroom.

Metal material is a main material that is suitable and harmoniously can be matched with geometric patterns so that metal material is also predicted to be a trend. Various geometry metal accessories in the room can be combined with various other furniture such as lamps, Art Deco and furniture.

3. Abstract Motif

abstract motif

Actually this abstract motif is inspired by abstract artwork. Being an interior design trend in the year 2020 because this pattern or motif will cause image and impression is pleasant, cheerful and also free.

The abstract patterns can consist of a combination of several geometric patterns, sketch shapes, doodles, and or striking color blocks. Interesting fact, this pattern will express the personality of the homeowner and can also create a warm and relaxing mood. The use of this pattern can be applied in home furnishings such as pillow cases, bedspreads, sofa patterns or patterns on the wallpaper.

4. Warm Nordic Design

warm nordic design

This Nordic style is a style that has been transformed from the design of a countries style that had been a trend in the past two years. Although the Nordic style is not minimalists that has a simple image it turns out to be much liked by people because it creates a sense of calm, comfortable and also warm. Well, i recommend to choose a furniture that creates a sense of comfort with a blend of natural color and an undertones that feels warm. This Nordic design trend can be applied in various corners of the house. such as kitchen, family room even bathroom.

For the selection of furniture materials choose furniture made from natural ingredients and made by local craftsmen yes. In addition to the support local product you also support the environment. I can also give emphasis on some furniture in certain rooms, such as only cabinets, sofas or shelves.

5. Furnishing with glamorous colors and shapes

furnishing with glamorous colors and shapes

This year 2020 has focus on strong characters and tough. Well then why the trend of furnishing with a strong color identity and character like Glamor becomes one of the right choice. Rounded and curved shades will dominate the glamor shape while metallic colors like rose gold, silver and gold will be the main characters in glamor colors.

This glamor trend has a very strong character. so you can put it in a room that does need a touch unique and different like in the living room, living room, dining room or any space that you are usual to make a family gathering place.

However, if you want to enjoy this Glamorous personally, you can apply it in the bedroom as well as the bathroom. We recommend choosing materials with striking colors and material that feels expensive like marble and velvet.

6. Use of comfortable textures

use of comfortable textures

The selection of comfortable textures for furniture inside the house became a trend in the year 2020 because the pattern of society is increasingly switching on the utilization of functions and also the benefits of an object. The combination of textures in the room will be a trend especially in the family room and also the rooms. Well can be tried by combining wool, leather, cotton, knitted and fur in the room that you can make a place to relax and gather.

The benefits of using a textured fabric with soft colors will provide a comfortable and warm atmosphere. That is really fit! This style is applied in the rainy season as it is now right? Your favorite room will feel warm and definitely make you feel at home.

7. Natural Stones

natural stone

Along with the development of modern technology today, this certainly affects the development of the design. Like the development of natural stone design and also imitation. The increasingly modern design can be an interesting decorating idea with a touch of creativity to be a beautiful and unique decoration. You can put this stone material on the wall, floor or just a display and complementary accessory.

Terracotta and marble rocks are the ultimate choice for the 2020 trend this year. Marble which has a value made of luxury and timeless with interesting patterns always captivate the worshipers. No need to replace the whole room with marble tiles because it will spend a pay which is not cheap. Simply have a small and simple display of marble to add value to the room and can also be an investment asset.

While terracotta is a natural rock that will cause a warm impression so it is suitable for the whole wall of the room. You can also have sculptures and displays made of terracotta.

In addition, make sure there is also one focal point made of terracotta in the house, either one side of the table wall or also the room partition.

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