How To Increase Productivity At Home

by Linda Hallman

how to increase productivity at home

Currently Covid-19 has become a pandemic, and the Government encourages to do physical distancing and doing activities from the home alone. Well, for those of you who are almost a month full at home, here we provide special tips on how to improve productivity at home.

1. To make WFH (Work from Home) More comfortable, clean your work area

to make wfh more comfortable

Looks to work from home more relaxed? However we need to improve higher discipline and good time management. To be comfortable and more productive, it is important to clean your work area. Well, when your room or space becomes tidy, you can also focus and concentration to complete office tasks.

2. Sports at Home

sport at home

During the home don't just sleeping yes. Let's do a sport you like, for example doing yoga in the room, Zomba in the living room, going down stairs, or exercising with video guide on YouTube and Instagram. The important agency continues to move and continues the spirit!

3. Doing Your Hobby

doing your hobby

If yesterday-yesterday you were busy and didn't get to do your hobby, well it's time to do the thing you like, because it's got time ' more. Examples like cooking with family, reading books that still accumulate in rooms, watch marathon movies, to gardening and beautify your crops.

4. Rearrange Your Room

rearrange your room

To make the room come up with a fresh new ambience's, it's time to rearrange your room. Try sliding the couch with a different angle, change the position of the bed to a different angle, or you can also add some accessories and displays to make your room look more stylish.

5. Join an On-line Workshop

join an on-line workshop

Following an on-line workshop is a step to stay productive, and can upgrade your skills. When again not be able to fill free time with fun activities and new science!

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