Inspiration Model Roof House Minimalist Modern

by Linda Hallman

inspiration model roof house minimalist modern

The Model roof house with a simple design became increasingly popular in recent years. No wonder, whether it's in the article, or on Instagram, modern architectural buildings are more social media fills.

roof house minimalist modern

For the roof itself, minimalist housing has a roof shape that tends to be simpler. Manufacturing costs also tend to be cheaper. Nevertheless, the function remains maximum.

Well, if you're looking for inspiration and information about modern home roofing models, read this article until it runs out.

1. Model Flat roof


One characteristic of modern architecture is its flat roof. The flat roof is an almost flattened roof contrasts with many types of sloped roofs.

Roof slope is known as pitch and the roof is flat to 10 °. This minimalist roof Model creates a long horizontal field, reminding anyone who sees it on a natural wide horizon line.

This type of roof is a good example of modern architectural principles that are "clean". Flat roofs can be a strong support to protect buildings from the sun, and make the dwelling more shady.

Not even a few make use of the roof space to be used as a living room or living roof. You can also make it a rooftop that can be used as a place to gather with the family while looking at the surrounding scenery.

2. Model roof Shed

roof shed

The Model of the barn Roof aka shed roof has many other designations. It is also often called mono-pitched roofs, pent-up roofs, warehouse roofs, lean-to-roof, or skillion roofs.

The surface of this roof has a single curve, often not attached to other roof surfaces. It differs from the double roof, also known as the pointed roof, which is made into two different directions.

The roof of the shed is another example of a clean, simple, and functional roof structure. A simple roof line is perfect if combined with a modern design. One of the advantages of the warehouse roof is its ability to create higher ceilings and windows along the high roof side.

As there are high ceilings and windows, the volume of natural light entering is even greater. You can also see the scenery more clearly because of this. Another advantage of applying the warehouse roof is the same as the flat roof, the acquisition of solar heat can be controlled better.

The tilt of the roof can be designed to block direct sunlight, or precisely to let a lot of light come in.

3. Model House Tap Saddle

saddle roof

The saddle's roof has long been a part of traditional architectural history. Just try it, you ask the kids to draw a house, the roof of the house they are drawing for sure is the saddle roof. Interestingly, this traditional roof design can be combined with modern architecture.

The roof of the saddle consisted of two parts of the roof that tilted in the opposite direction and placed in such a way that the highest horizontal tip met to form a ridge of roofs.

With the saddle roof, there is an additional volume above the house so that the residence owners can add extra floor space such as the attic. Natural light can also enter the residence thanks to this roof design.

4. Model Curved Roof House

curved roof house

There are not many models of curved roofs of the house in Indonesia. Generally, this curved roof model is only used as a complement to add a unique impression to a house and placed on a terrace.

One of the residences using a curved roof model was in Sedona, Arizona, USA. The house was designed by a group of AA studio Architects. AA Studios also design the roof model of this House using wood to add an exclusive impression. The use of the curved style house model itself is considered a charming aesthetic form for a house.

5. Model Mansard Roof House

mansard roof house

Commonly used for European home models, especially in France, this type of Mansard roof house model is a type of roof house with four sides where there are two slopes on each side of the roof.

The roof model of this House is similar to the Gambler model, which distinguishes only the roof model of Mansard House has a steeper lower slope and a more varied shape than the roof of the Gambler house.

6. Model roof of the Triangular-pyramid

Well, model roof of this one house is also the most popular model in Indonesia. This Model of the Triangular-pyramid is actually best suited for a part of the house that is not too large because of its simple shape. Although the shape is simple, the size of the roof also remains to be noticed. Like the length, width, and height of each corner in order to keep this roof model precise.

roof of the triangular pyramid

Many architectures suggest this type of home roofing model to be applied to the part of the house that has a small portion of land area. If you have a land that is not too wide, then this roof model Triangular-pyramid is one of the most suitable alternative options.

7. Model House Roof Bonet

house of bonet

The roof model of Bonet's house is a combination of the roof model of the Triangular-pyramid House and model of the roof of the Hip house. The concept of the roof model of this House is terraced, with the design of the lower part of the roof that is more indented outside that is enabled to cover the hole of the space that is underneath.

You can find the roof with this model in the houses of typical Javanese Joglo, Indonesia. In addition to Java, we can also find the use of model roof of Bonet house in other areas in the United States, such as Louisiana and Mississippi.

8. Model Roof of Pointed Cross House

roof of pointed cross house

Model roof of the tapered cross house is also common found in Indonesia. The shape resembles the roof of the Hip house model, but slightly different. The roof position appears to cross and form a triangular pattern, giving the impression of its name — pointed.

Although the roof model of this House is only triangular when viewed from the side, this model has two sides of the same roof. Commonly applied to houses in Indonesia, the roof tops of a pointed and smaller house are often used as a marker of the entrance and the back door of a house.

9. Model Roof Saw Houses

roof saw houses

Model roof saw houses are usually used in factories or industrial locations. This is because the model roof of this saw-houses is steep and can protect workers and plant machines from direct sunlight. In general, models of saw-houses can still be applied to residential residences, especially for houses that have industrial style.

Besides in Indonesia, in Russia are also many houses with models of roofs like this House. The low height also depends on the temperature in the environment. Usually for industrial style with high temperatures, the roof model of this House is high enough to reduce the heat of the underlying sun.

10. Model Roof Hip House

roof hip house

There have been many in Indonesia houses that use models of the Hip roof, perhaps one of them is also your home. The roof of the Hip house model is a roof house model that modifies the rectangular-pyramid house in order to be applied to larger homes.

This Model uses the trapezoidal roof concept. In addition, roof HIP models are also practically applied. Hence, the type of model of the Hip roof House become a favorite not only in Indonesia, but also in other parts of the world.

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