Inspiring Mezzanine House Models Efficiently

by Linda Hallman

inspiring mezzanine house models efficiently

Terraced houses are the easiest solution to solve the problem of land area limitations on the small house design. However, not everyone is able to realize a high-rise house, whether it's because of budget constraints or buildings that have already been done. Fortunately, there is a mezzanine that is similar in function to a terraced house.

The Mezzanine is an additional functional floor and is in the midst of the walls of the building. Typically, the broad mezzanine is only a third of the building area. Height between mezzanine floor with lower ceiling than ordinary floor. You can make use of this mezzanine as a sleeping space, study room, or lounge area.

Interested in adding a mezzanine at home? Let's face six of our mezzanine design inspirations from the following that can make your house more living and space-saving!

1. Mezzanine for Medieval Interior

mezzanine for medieval interior

This medieval-style house has a mezzanine over the kitchen. As access to this mezzanine, there are stairs of wood material without grip. Besides saving place, the display of mezzanine is very compatible with the interior style of the house as a whole. The Mezzanine is equipped with a slightly open glass wall for an entrance exit.

With the use of glass walls, you can see the mezzanine clearly from the bottom of the floor. When viewed through the glass walls, on the mezzanine there is a sofa bed, a TV table, and decorative wall decorations. The Area also looks more airy and brighter.

2. Mezzanine for my sisters bedroom

mezzanine for my sisters bedroom

The limited number of rooms often forces siblings to share room rooms. In Indonesia, it is quite commonplace. Even so, don't let them feel lost in privacy and lack of storage space.

As a solution, you can make a mezzanine in their bedroom. The Mezzanine can be used as a study area or space to store its toy collection. don't forget, use multi-functional and simple furniture so that the bedroom is more efficient and not look like, yes!

3. Mezzanine Minimalist with low ceilings

mezzanine minimalist with low ceilings

Many people are hesitant to make a mezzanine in the middle of the house with low ceilings. This is because they are afraid of the house so it feels narrow and the head easily bump into the ceiling. However, in fact it is not the case, as seen on the minimalist home model above.

This extra floor is on top of a sparsely-traversed storage space. Thus, the risk of the head of the bump is smaller. On this inspiration, the mezzanine is utilized as a sleeping area. Low ceilings are not a problem because you are just lying there. For a more efficient place, minimizes the amount of furniture so you will move freely. Simply use a mattress and a bed light only on the mezzanine.

4. Mezzanine with efficient application

mezzanine with efficient application

For those of you who don't like to waste a spot in the house, this mezzanine design is the right idea because it will make your house more space-saving. The Area below the mezzanine can be used for passing through. In addition, the framework can be used as a storage cabinet and the stairs can be enabled as a bookshelf.

The barrier wall section of the mezzanine is made of iron wire and doesn't touch the ceiling so you can hang a variety of hanging ornamental plants. Efficiently again, this mezzanine doesn't obstruct lighting to other areas so the atmosphere of the house remains bright.

5. Working space and library at Mezzanine

working space and library at mezzanine

Want to have a workspace and a private library? You can emulate the mezzanine design of this one. All of the corners are transformed into bookshelves. On one side there is a desk and work chair that you can use as a private work area.

In the area there are also models of large wooden frame windows. This way, when you get bored of working, you can see the scenery outdoors. Reading a book during the day is comfortable because the atmosphere is light and beautiful. Add the carpet so that the atmosphere is warmer and comfortable so that you can linger on this mezzanine.

6. Mezzanine with triangular roof

mezzanine with triangular roof

Creating a triangular-roofed mezzanine requires mature consideration. This is because the right and left sides are so low that the incoming exit path should be in the center. So that the stairs don't obstruct the path to the space underneath, choose a sliding staircase. Meanwhile, make a window on the roof as a natural lighting source. Although it's a bit troublesome in the installation, but you'll get comparable comfort.

In addition to choosing a mezzanine design, consider the materials and construction used. Thus, the mezzanine will be more durable and safer for the house occupants. Ready to build a mezzanine of your dreams?

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