Interior Design Trend 2021 That Will Be Booming

by Linda Hallman

interior design trend 2020 that will be booming

Want to build a new home or plan to update your home look by renovating your home? If so, then you need to find a lot of new references as a reference to the interior look of your home. In fact, every year it always comes up with new design trends. For that, it is important that you know the interior design trends that will boom in the year 2020. Curious about what the design trend is? Check out below!

1. Dark blue color trend

dark blue color trend

Pantone, a company that makes the color system has announced that one of the colors that will be the trend in the year 2020 is a dark blue color. This means you can apply the dark blue color to the interior design of the house, such as home furniture and wall paint color. Dark blue will give a perfect contrast to the interior design or home exterior in any style. For those of you who are still hesitant to use black on the house, dark blue color can also be a black substitute that will give the impression of elegant and red to the house.

2. Teraso usage

teraso usage

Terrazzo style means the terrace in Italian is an abstract or random style that adorns the walls or floors of the house. Terrazzo is a composite material made of marble, quartz, granite, and glass as material for the floor or wall. The use of Terrazzo in the interior will give a retro and elegant impression. You can use the terrazzo floor in the living room, bathroom, sink, and so on.

3. Application of abstract Motif

application of abstract motif

The increasingly booming Motif in the year 2020 is an abstract pattern inspired by abstract artwork. This pattern will create a pleasant, cheerful, and free impression on the room. What the heck is categorized as an abstract motif? Abstract motifs among others are geometric patterns, sketch shapes or doodles, and color blocks. Using this pattern, you can also be more free in expressing the personality of your home and your creativity to create a new mood at home. Not only on the wall paint pattern, you can apply this pattern to the pillow case, bed sheet, sofa pattern, wall hangings, etc.

4. Room with geometric Motif

room with geometric motif

In addition to abstract motifs, geometric motifs will also increasingly trend in this year 2020. This Motif can also be applied to various elements of residential interiors, such as accessories, wall decorations, floors, pillowcases, sheets, carpets, or even the color of the roof of the house. Walls with geometric patterns will be increasingly liked especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

Attach geometric designs to your housing with metal material. Metal is considered to be very suitable with geometric patterns so predictable will also be the 2020 interior trend. You can add geometric metal-shaped accessories such as Art Deco-like lamps, as well as other furniture.

5. Many crop accents

many crop accents

Plants in the House are increasingly liked because it can add a natural, warm, and comfortable impression to the dwelling. Well, you can add various living plants such as tongue-in-law, succulent, Aglaonema, and others. In addition to living plants, you can also choose fake crops that don't require treatment. Also add crop accents to paintings, wallpapers, and other decorations.

6. Versatile Kitchen Design

versatile kitchen design

2020 interior design trends make the kitchen can not only be used for cooking, but also can be served as a resting place like a living room. You can put a long chair in the kitchen to relax or enjoy your breakfast in the morning.

7. Classic style 1980

classic style 1980

The iconic design that hits in the 1980's will return the trend in this 2020 year. The distinctive features of this design include shiny details, brightly colored, holographic surfaces, and the use of fluorescent lamps. This design style is also unique because it mixes the classic and contemporary design. For classic-style furniture that is usually chosen usually has a finishing of gold or copper. But don't put too much of a classic accent on your home. At least, enter one or two classical elements on the furniture.

Interesting and inspiring really, right? Which interior design trend most interest you and want to be applied to the House in this year 2020? Let's give a new look to the home interior with the latest trends!

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