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by Linda Hallman

marble twin mirror

There are many functions of a bathroom mirror. Unlike others, they always tell you if there is any leftover of food stuck in the tooth. They help boost your self-esteem every mirror. And obviously, they provide aesthetic value to the bathroom at home. From the many functions, let's focus on the latter.

Nice mirrors can contribute to the design of the bathroom. He was able to create a wider room impression, increase the natural light that went into the bathroom, and added a design game on the bathroom wall. This is why choosing a bathroom mirror and adjusting it with a bathroom design at home is now a very important one.

Here are some references that will probably match your bathroom theme.

1. Large mirror for double sink

large mirror for double sink

Just because there are two sinks in your room, not that you also have to hang two mirrors. Let one mirror stretch from one sink to another sink.

Add a simple bronze frame on each corner of the mirror to add a luxurious impression in the bathroom. Use also this bronze element on other elements, such as on the tap, or on the cabinet under the sink.

2. Horizontal OVAL Mirror

horizontal oval mirror

If you have a child at home, it is very natural that you also think of a friendly and suitable mirror installation for kids. As with these side-by-side mirrors, for example, mirrors like this can be an option.

And place it in a lower position so that the children can mirror comfortably.

3. Long Vertical mirror

long vertical mirror

If you do not have a large bathroom, then the selection of mirrors like this is reliable and very instagramable. Although not too broad, but the layout of the furniture determines the condition of your bathroom.

The lateral arrangement of the sink makes it unnecessary to feel confused where to put a wide mirror in need of large space. However, with just a sleek mirror like this, you'll only see what's important to look at.

4. Full Body mirror

full body mirror

The full body bathroom mirror is very suitable for the minimalist bathroom. Place it on the wall by being camouflaged. This matte black frame with a luxe marble blend and a dominating neutral color makes the bathroom very eccentric.

5. Mirror on the bathroom cabinet

mirror on the bathroom cabinet

Who says mirrors can only be put on the wall? The proof, in this bathroom, the homeowner chooses to apply a mirror to the storage cabinet of the toiletries. This concept makes the room feel bigger, and also adds a touch of glamor.

6. Folding Angle Mirror

folding angle mirror

Does the bathroom in your house have a girly and dramatic concept like the picture above? If it is, then the folded angle mirror is suitable to be applied there. This different design, making the bathroom look unique and different from the other.

7. Frame-less Wall Mirror

frame-less wall mirror

This one mirror is very suitable to be applied to the bathroom with wall material dominated by natural stone to add a lot of dimension. In small bathrooms, this mirror can also provide an illusion of additional space, making the room appear wider.

There is no need for a lot of extra decorations, this mirror has been able to provide beautiful architectural elements visually.

8. Mirror with gorgeous curves

mirror with gorgeous curves

Want a more attractive bathroom look? Avoid rectangular mirrors or circles that are too classical, and try the mirror design with these gorgeous curves.

With a blend of marble sinks as well as wallpaper patterned in color, this mirror is able to create an elegant and feminine impression.

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