Latest Trend 2020 Bathroom Wall

by Linda Hallman

latest trend 2020 bathroom wall

If you want to renovate the bathroom in the house, choosing a ceramic wall for the bathroom is one of the most important parts to do.

A few years ago maybe this stage was quite easy to do. You just have to choose a ceramic based on its functional benefits. Such as its resistance to water, its durability, its preservation.

But now, you also have to think about the importance of function as well as aesthetics given from the ceramic. Nowadays, there are so many different ceramic bathroom variations, both in terms of design, shape, color, and texture.

Roughly, where are the ceramics for bathroom walls that are trending in the year 2020?

1. Ceramic Wall Patterned

ceramic wall patterned

This ceramic one can't only be used on the wall, but also on the floor. Whether it is soft colored ceramics or bold colors with intricate patterns, this ceramic can instantly grab the attention of anyone who enters the bathroom.

This one style ceramic really gives the home owner an opportunity to utilize the creative side of each. You can apply it to one part of the wall only, or to the entire room.

In fact, you can also combine it with different ceramic patterns. However, make sure the color is still the same, so you don't see it.

2. Ceramic Wall Colored White

ceramic wall colored white

The contemporary and minimalist design utilizes many neutral colors. Its still valid for the ceramic bathroom trend in the year 2020.

Bright colors like blue, red and yellow in this year won't become popular. Neutral colors like gray and beige are becoming more popular in this year.

For bathrooms that need more brightness, white color is more suitable to choose. You can use these colors in the entire room, from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling.

3. Ceramic Subway

ceramic subway

Ceramic subway is included in a classic design that lasts all the time. This ceramic is characteristic of the underground railway station in New York or better known for its Subway.

This is why ceramic with a simple design is given the name Subway. Some people might think the subway ceramics have a boring design.

But if you want to apply the classic bathroom concept, then this ceramic design is the most appropriate. In order not to be monotonous, you can mix some ceramic with different motifs to create an interesting wall mosaic.

4. Ceramic Hexagonal Wall

ceramic hexagonal wall

Not only are the colors and patterns of ceramics increasingly diverse, producers also begin to provide a varied shape.

One of the popular forms of ceramic wall bathrooms in recent years is the ceramic shape with hexagonal hexagon.

This ceramic is able to create different unique appearance in your house bathroom. In small bathrooms, they help improve the perception of space, especially if the bathroom color is dominated by neutral colors.

5. Ceramic wall with texture

ceramic wall with texture

Add variety and color depth to the bathroom wall surface by applying textured ceramics. For a unique design, you can use 3D dimensional ceramics.

This ceramic design app creates a new focal point in the bathroom in your house.

6. Ceramic Wall Metallic

ceramic wall metallic

Metallic colors will soon be the star of a contemporary bathroom renovation. Glossy and reflective metallic color can make the bathroom in your house have a beautiful change but edgy.

A modern look like this is expected to be widely applied over the next year.

7. Ceramic wall with Matte finishing

ceramic wall with matte finishing

Bathroom walls are very identical with glossy ceramics. But now the trend has shifted, and ceramics with the end result of matte a.k.a. Matte finishing is now becoming very popular.

This concept is able to display a strong style, but not too excessive. The advantage of matte ceramics is that they don't show stains and watermarks are as easy as shiny ceramics.

This makes it ideal for bathroom floors, especially in showers that are often wet. Minimal light reflections make them easier to maintain.

When installing matte ceramics, make sure that there are enough lighting, both natural and artificial, because these ceramics are not known to reflect light. In addition to these reasons, matte ceramics are also easier and cheaper in terms of maintenance and make others avoid the danger of slipping.

If you're looking for an elegant bathroom wall design, choose a matte ceramic.

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