Make Your Wooden Furniture More Shiny With 9 Natural Ingredients

by Linda Hallman

make your wooden furniture more shiny with 9 natural ingredients

Many people think that caring for wooden furniture is difficult. But the assumption is not entirely true. Caring and beautifying wooden furniture is quite easy when you know how. In fact, many effective natural materials can make a shiny wooden furniture.

Shiny wooden Furniture does look attractive and like new. The Interior of your house will also look perfect when equipped with wooden furniture that is special. Well, want to know what are the rows of natural materials that can make the look of new wood furniture back? Here's the ninth list.

1. Sago Flour and cornstarch

sago flour and cornstarch

Two types of flour is very potent to clean wooden furniture. The dirt attached to the furniture will be lifted until complete. How to use it quite easily, you live sprinkled sago flour and cornstarch on wooden furniture surfaces. Wipe the furniture briefly so that the box is detached. Lastly, you stay clean the remnants of the flour to make the furniture back shiny.

2. Candle nut

candle nut

candle-nut contains a good natural oil to keep the natural luster of wooden furniture. The trick is to take five large pieces of candle nut, then burn the candle-nut until the oil goes out. Wrap the candle nut with gauze and destroy it until the form of powder. Rub the parcel of gauze containing the candle-nut powder on the entire surface of furniture. The result of your favorite furniture will be immediately clean and shiny.

3. Tea water

tea water

Not many people know that tea water can also help restore the look of wood furniture like new. Using it is also very practical. You are staying wetting micro fiber cloth with tea water then wipe it dry. Use laps to wash all surfaces of furniture. When it is dry, the furniture will look brighter, cleaner, and shiny.

4. Olive oil

olive oil

You can also take advantage of olive oil supplies at home to clean wooden furniture. Drop a little olive oil on a micro fiber cloth. Next, use the laps on the entire surface of the wood. Let stand for approximately 30 minutes for the olive oil to be absorbed perfectly in the pores of the wood. After 30 minutes, use a clean micro-fiber cloth to clean the remnants of the olive oil on the wood surface.

5. Water vinegar

water vinegar

The benefits of vinegar water is very potent remove stains on wooden furniture. First, you must make the water mixture and vinegar in a comparison of 2:1. Apply the vinegar solution in the stained furniture section. The time of the vinegar solution should then be mixed olive oil with a ratio of 1:4. Reapply the mixture of vinegar and olive oil to the wooden furniture so that the color is more shiny.

6. Petroleum Jelly

petroleum jelly

don't discard the remaining expired petroleum jelly because you can use it to make shiny wooden furniture. Combine petroleum jelly with a little water to make the texture more liquid and easily applied to the surface of the furniture. The moisturizing content of petroleum jelly is also good for making natural sparkling wood furniture.

7. Lime juice

lime juice

If there is a stubborn stain on the surface of wooden furniture, you can use lime to clean it. Drop the lime into two parts and rub on the stained wood furniture surfaces. don't forget to clean the remaining lime juice using a micro fiber cloth. As a result, stains will return cleanly without disturbing the natural shine of your beloved wooden furniture.

8. Mayonnaise


don't underestimate the benefits mayonnaise to clean wood furniture surfaces. Food stains are stubborn can be cleaned easily using mayonnaise. Apply a little mayonnaise on the surface of wood furniture, then scrub slowly with a micro fiber cloth. Food stains that interfere with the appearance of wood furniture will soon be clean.

9. Coconut oil

coconut oil

Long-worn coconut oil can be converted to clean wood furniture surfaces. Its use is almost the same as olive oil. Just apply a little coconut oil evenly on wooden furniture. Then let stand for approximately 30 minutes so that the coconut oil is absorbed perfectly.

Apparently cleaning wood furniture doesn't need expensive costs or complicated processes. You just need to use the above ingredients carefully and properly to make the wooden furniture like the first time used.

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