Minimalist Stairs Railing Simple But Luxurious

by Linda Hallman

minimalist stairs

The presence of stair railing is very essential in terraced homes. Although there are many unlimitable ladder designs to create a minimalist impression, the ladder barrier function is still very important.

The reason, without the presence of a barrier, climbing down stairs becomes less secure because there is no buffer. But besides having a safety function, railing ladders also have aesthetic value.

Choosing the right railing or stair fence is a decision that can affect the nuances of your house. Especially for minimalist housing, it is important to choose the right stair fence so that the minimalist concept remains viscous.

1. Railing stairs clear glass creates a modern impression

railing stairs clear glass

For those of you who have all-white residences like this, railing stairs clear glass with black frame can be the right choice.

So as not to monotonous, give the Grey carpet under the stairs to create a contrast to the design.

2. Railing stairs with industrial rustic concept

railing stairs with industrial rustic concept

The rustic-industrial concept, which combines wood and metal materials, is popular lately.

If your partner carries industrial concept, then the design of a stair fence like this is very suitable for your customers.

3. Railing stairs with asymmetrical pattern

railing stairs with asymmetrical pattern

The stair fence on the top is made of flat iron and matte gray color. The asymmetric pattern belonging to this stair fence is one of the most striking architectural details in the house.

4. Railing flat black stairs and thin

railing flat black stairs and thin

Flat, thin, black stair railing is matched with all-white walls. The solid black color creates contrasts on the walls and stairs.

5. Stairs floating from wood with wire railing

stairs floating from wood with wire railing

If the House floor is made of wood, we recommend that you make a floor staircase with floor. To make a modern impression, use a floating staircase design.

To stay safe, use a railing made of thin wire.

6. Similar stairs and railing made of oak wood

railing made of oak wood

Oak wood fences and staircases are made in order to create a clean, modern, and eye-catching ladder. Stairs like this are very characteristic of the houses in San Francisco.

Metal railings like this give rise to an open sense of space. In addition, the stairs that are close to the entrance can make the wind feel up to the stairs.

7. Custom wood-shaped bare brick as stair fence

custom wood-shaped bare brick as stair fence.webp

The geometric patterns applied to the stair fence are one of the easiest ways to beautify your dwelling. They create harmony and balance.

To add them, you can add some crops around the stairs or place some geometric photo frames on the wall.

9. Stair fence with full glass

stair fence with full glass

Ups, you think that the stairs above have no railing huh? Don't be deceived, there is a glass next to the stairs.

Concept like this can make the dwelling look extra elegant. However, to avoid accidents, you can make the sides of the edges become rounded.

Especially if you have a toddler child, do extra protection on the ladder.

10. Combination of metal and glass as stair fence

combination of metal and glass

Feeling confusion of choosing a stair fence from metal or glass? What if you combine them?

Metal elements are able to give a bold and harsh impression, while the glass makes it look transparent, clean, and slick. The combination of both? Perfect results for your perfect home interiors.

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