Modern Apartments With Recycled Materials

by Linda Hallman

modern apartments with recycled materials

For the urban community, the concept of environmentally friendly lifestyles (Eco living) is a form of concern for the environmental sustainability and the need for a better quality of life. The concept is realized by our professionals by designing modern apartments that utilize recycled materials from the waste spare parts.

1. Futuristic Touch

futuristic touch

One of the values sought by many urban home owners today is the innovative design that is environmentally friendly. Its embodied by our professionals by designing a family room that utilizes waste materials as wall decorations, table feet, and lamps. Not only innovative, the use of waste material also gives a beautiful and futuristic impression.

2. Industrial Meets Nature

industrial meets nature

In the room to read, the futuristic impression looks strong through lamps, wall hangings, and chairs made of waste. In addition to the futuristic theme, our professionals also combine the industrial style through walls and partly semi-finished floors and natural impression through ornamental plants and some of the floors made of wood.

3. Multi-functional Room

multi functional room

To facilitate the movement of the house dwellers, our professionals designed a multi-functional room that brings together the TV room with a reading room. In addition, the placement of wooden furniture and a multipurpose hanging rack increasingly beautify the room.

multi functional room-1

4. Neutral Color domination

neutral color domination

Aligned with the Eco-friendly concept, our professionals also give the earth a touch by applying neutral colors to the bedroom, such as white and Grey colors on the walls and chocolates on the sheets. Modern touches are present through the placement of uniquely waste-made ornaments.

neutral color domination-1

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