Need To Be Recognized This Faucet Is Very Unique

by Linda Hallman

black matte grip design

1. The black matte Grip design with bathroom sink taps from the wall features modern elegance mixing with unparalleled functionality.

Made of solid brass for durability, and a round pipe with Aerator provides enough water, no-Splash and makes the hand wash easily.

black matte grip design on the wall

The sink faucets visually captures the senses and is built to endure. The slim round and curved spoof with modern and minimalist beauty delivers a fairly comfortable and gentle flow. While the single lever handle makes it easy to use. Very worthy to meet your needs

Welcome to your bathroom decoration. This faucet is designed for mounting in wall space and works with most of your bathroom sink. The finishing and matte black enhances the beauty of minimalism and style as well as retaining its appearance for many years.

2. MERO WATERFALL WALL Mount (Single Hand)

mero waterfall single hand

Designed with high quality for durability and reliability. The Mero Faucet Collection features a solid and smooth brass construction finish.

The modern corner design with black Matte colors adds a sleek clean look to most contemporary bathrooms. Operated with single handle and suitable for wall mounting.

3. The way it works is very simple, open through the spot provides a soft piece of Laminar water. Give yourself a natural feel with a touch of green in natural plants around your faucet. Congratulations! has created a mini waterfall effect in your bath up.

mero waterfall wall mount

If you're looking for a bathroom sink faucet that has aesthetically elegant balance and function, Mero Waterfall should be the perfect choice. Crafted from premium grade brass and corrosion-resistant, the sleek bathroom sink faucet in matte black combines a modern look that showcases the natural beauty of flowing water.

4. The rectangular spoof water pairs with a rectangular grip to see coordinated. It is designed to offer a complete solution to the bathroom upgrades today. However it is not suitable for low pressure. Minimum water pressure required 0.05 MPa (0.5 Bar)

faucet plan

Note: Mero Waterfall is rough-in valve and mounting hardware included

Quite impressive isn't it? The design with a Bohemian, Forest and Rustic feel is perfect with this kind of faucet design. Are you interested in changing your faucet?

5. Morga LED Double Crystal

morga led double crystal

Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom with the Morga faucet, featuring an eye-catching design that blends in with unparalleled quality.

6. The Morga LEDS will light up by being powered by a water stream, and will be activated once the water is switched on. Made of solid brass for durability and reliability, the material quality is excellent due to the polished corrosion-resistant chrome.

As well as the faucet is operated with double handles (for hot and cold water flow), it is also required installation of 3 holes.

morga led plan

A U-shaped drain glass makes the Morga Faucet collection more prominent. From Morga came a spacious bathroom sink. The Glass place and crystal grip paired with a cylindrical faucet body enhances the sleek modern theme that suits a temporary, contemporary and flawless bathroom.

With a drainage design after the faucet is turned on, the water falls down from the disposal to form a Mini waterfall that provides a gentle, beautiful cascade while illuminating the discoloration with the water temperature. The LED light will change its color by detecting the water temperature:

0-30 °c (32-86 °f): Blue LED

30-40 °c (86-104 °f): Green LED

40-50 °c (104-122 °f): Red LED

50-100 °c (122-212 °f): Flashing red LED

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