New Idea Renovating Wall During The Center Of The Corona Virus Pandemic

by Linda Hallman

new idea renovating wall during the center of the corona virus pandemic

In addition to playing with colorful paint, it turns out many ways to make your wall look more beautiful. Curious?

1. Install the wallpaper

install the wallpaper

With a variety of motives, themes, colors, you can choose a wallpaper that you like and customize it with your room theme. Like the inspiration of this room, which is beautify with a flower wallpaper that is very compatible with the shabby chic theme.

2. Wall Sticker

wall sticker

In addition to the wallpaper, you can also decorate the room with wall stickers, which is so diverse of options.

3. Decorate with motivational words

decorate with motivational words

Your plain walls can now inspire you! Yup, you can sweeten the look with quotes and inspiring words that can motivate you. Interested in trying it?

4. Painting


You can put a painting or a photo with various frame sizes, such as the family room of this one. With a blend of green and blue colors, this room is so fresh and very comfortable.

5. Wall to White-board

wall to white board

Select one wall area and you can paint with black color. Well, this multi-functional wall you can use to write various messages for family members, recipes, and even various quotes.

6. The inside of the wall can put a display

the inside of the wall can put a display

You can try to make a hole on your wall, then decorate it with a display and give it a lighting inside. Voila! Now your walls are even more dramatic!

7. Attach the Shelf

attach the shelf

These versatile shelves can not only store your various items and displays, but make your wall look more attractive!

8. Combine with paintings and chandeliers

combine with paintings and chandeliers

Our professionals combine paintings that align with their wall colors, and also put chandeliers with unique shapes. Wow, pretty once not this wall?

9. Decorate with wooden box pile

decorate with wooden box pile

Wooden Box that has been unused, you can use to decorate the look of your wall and room. Stacked and arrange several wooden crates of various sizes, then put some ornaments and books in or out of the box. Cool isn't it?

10. Decorate with Mirrors

decorate with mirrors

To make your room look more spacious, certainly you know the trick is not it? Yup, really, you can decorate your walls with mirrors, and be prettiest with interesting paint colors!

11. Hanging Plants

hanging plants

For a natural and fresh looking wall look, you can hang plants on your wall. Not only in the kitchen or living room, but in the bedroom can also be decorated with a hanging plant.

12. Filling Rack

filling rack

An ambulance rack can also make your wall have more aesthetic value. You can compose some of the shelves, and to be attractive decorate with displays, such as photos, books, and a flower vase.

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