Open Kitchen Storage Inspiration

by Linda Hallman

open kitchen storage inspiration

As a space that serves to prepare everything related to food, the kitchen needs a lot of storage space, such as a kitchen shelf. Kitchen shelves can store a variety of things, from kitchen spices to cooking utensils. For those of you who have a kitchen with limited space, open kitchen shelves are the right choice. In addition to practical and modern, the open kitchen also gives an interesting impression on your kitchen. Curious? Check out the 10 ideas of open kitchen storage from our professionals that could be your inspiration here.

1. Basket and Jar Nuances

basket and jar nuances

Placing a closet in a small kitchen will make the room feel narrower. Our professionals use baskets that serve as storage space to make the kitchen look bigger and more open. In addition to keeping things neat and organized, baskets can also make the kitchen look more attractive.

2. Multilayer Open Shelves

multilayer open shelves

An open shelf is a brilliant idea if you want to make a narrow kitchen look more airy and airy. You can save anything, from ornamental plants to kitchen spices. Not only that, if you have a tiny house, the shelf can also serve as a separator between the kitchen and the family room.

3. Simple and Innovative

simple and innovative

You want to experiment a bit in the kitchen? Try placing an open shelf at the end of Kitchen island. In addition to simple and innovative, your kitchen also looks more attractive.

4. Natural Nuance

natural nuances

Give a warm touch of nature through this one kitchen design. The use of open wood shelves not only serves to store a variety of kitchen appliances, but also as ornaments that beautify your kitchen.

5. Classic and Artistic Nuance

classic and artistic nuance

Want a slightly different atmosphere? Apply the classic and functional style of the bookshelf to your kitchen. Besides being able to maximize the space available, this design can also add an artistic touch to your kitchen.

6. Industrial and Modern

industrial and modern

Combining the warm wood elements in industrial style is a brilliant idea. Our professionals prove it through a combination of materials, such as granite, concrete, wood and metal. The placement of the shelves made of metal and covered with wood paneling also resulted in a modern, unforgettable impression.

7. Kitchen Steel

kitchen with steel

The use of steel is a great choice if you want a solid and sturdy kitchen look. In addition to having extraordinary durability, steel also gives a modern and elegant impression.

8. Environmentally friendly

environmentally friendly

Eco-friendly design is very popular nowadays. One of them through the use of energy efficient LED lamps. Our professionals place lights at the bottom of the shelf that produce dim and warm lighting, thereby blending with the overall design of the room.

9. Minimalist and Simple

minimalist and simple

The simple and minimalist placement of white linear shelves is increasingly attractive when combined with bright colors, which makes the kitchen look prominent, airy and bright.

10. Be Creative with Kitchen Island

be creativity with kitchen island

If you have kitchen island, you can use to put a beautiful wooden shelf that can store a variety of cooking utensils, cookbooks, as well as other items.

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