Simple Level House For Urbanites

by Linda Hallman

simple level house for urbanites

Family members are growing, but confused how to add space because it does not have enough house space? Lack of land and house prices as well as expensive land in the urban area, demanding many people to create a simple house with a level design.

Simple level House type is suitable for family, because room function can grow as family personnel increase. Although land area is limited, you can still realize a simple home level. Want to create a comfortable and functional level house? First look at some of the following models of inspiration.

1. Function Room without partition

 function room without partition

Each family definitely needs a shared room that can accommodate all the needs of a House member. You also need a room to greet friends or relatives who visit. For that, we recommend providing a special multipurpose room that can be used for various activities together. This versatile room can be made in the middle of the house without using a partition to make the room look more spacious and not to be boring.

To make the room more comfortable, add a carpet, comfortable chairs or sofas, a small table, and other furniture as needed. That way, all family members will feel comfortable as the room can fulfill all their needs.

2. House Split Level (up)

house split level up

Ever heard the term home split level? The house with this concept is usually designed with each floor dependent. In general, there will be two short stairs connecting two floors with different level heights. The difference in the floor level but not really at different levels of the floor is the main characteristic of a split-level home.

house split level down

Terraced houses with split level concept will provide a more airy and open atmosphere. This way can also make the atmosphere of the House impressed more homey. Its open nature also allows the circulation of air and indoor light to flow more maximally. Interested in applying this design to your dream dwelling?

3. House with openings

house with opening

For a more airy impression, one of the home models that you can try is with a multilevel design dominated by large openings. Not only gives a wide impression, the maximum aperture will also provide air circulation as well as good natural lighting. Good air ventilation will make your home healthier, while minimizing energy use that can increase your budget.

For privacy, you can add curtains or blinds to the openings. In addition, we recommend that you make openings in the house that overlook the park or the attractive view. Avoid large openings on the side facing the direct sun as it will make the dwelling feel hot and glare.

4. Home with Indoor Garden

home with indoor garden

The house with a limited area tends to give a sense of bored and narrow. To solve this, you can create indoor garden in the middle of the room. Having an indoor garden can provide many advantages, green plants can make the atmosphere of the room become cooler and fresher. Not only that, the visual facet displayed from the plants inside the house can also make the house look more beautiful and lovely. The presence of plants can also improve the air circulation of your home.

If the shape and area of the room does not support to create an indoor garden, you can present small pots that are arranged in a corner of the room or create a minimalist vertical garden that can make the house more healthy.

5. House with Spiral staircase

house with spiral staircase

For small houses with limited space, you certainly don't want to make them look narrower by using large stairs or stairs with permanent bulkhead. The view of the house can look more dynamic and flexible with the use of spiral stairs. Not only connecting the upper and lower floors, spiral stairs can also be an accent that will beautify the look of the house. Although the spiral staircase is often identical used for the back room of the house, with a selection of unique stairs railing design, you can get a ladder with a modern and contemporary impression.

That's some simple level home inspiration that you can apply to your dream dwelling. What model of design is best suited and you want to apply?

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